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For decades my father spent his time fishing by the ports in Muros, a small fishing town in Galicia, Spain. My father worked as a chef on a prestige fishing boat. While he was out at sea I would sometimes wonder, as a child, what new ideas/dishes he would bring back from his long ventured trips for work. Inspired by his dedication and love for food, I made it my intention and wish, to one day open a restaurant of my own.

I was also enthused by my mother, who is one of the best bakers I know. She is the curator of all desserts served here at Casa d’Paco. Together my parents were dynamic in the way they created food together, dinners for us were always an experience; I was quite lucky.

Growing up in Muros gave me a memorable childhood bursting with customs handed down for generations and architecture that remained untouched. What was most important to me when creating, Casa d’Paco was it needed to mirror the same traditions and feeling one would imagine if they were in Spain. After graduating with my business degree from Rutgers Newark, I found myself working the regular nine to five; typical life was not suited for me.

Uninspired by my work, I took the biggest leap of faith to open, in my opinion my best work of art today. I felt passionate about creating Casa d’Paco, striving to give customers what they so deserve, in simple terms, exceptional fresh food never lacking in luster.

All I wanted to do was share the same amazing experience that I was so fortunate to grow up with. When walking into Casa d’ Paco, I hope you feel like a guest in my home. Enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and be a part of our family.

Owner and Founder of Casa d’ Paco


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